The Yacht Collective

Read about why TYC choose Beneteau as their preferred syndicate brand.

As the world’s longest-running production boat builder, Beneteau boasts an unparalleled legacy spanning over 130 years. This rich history underscores their commitment to crafting vessels that stand the test of time.

With each passing year, Beneteau’s dedication to innovation and progress continues to shape their designs. In a rapidly evolving world, they remain at the forefront of nautical engineering, adapting their creations to meet the ever-changing demands of the maritime landscape.

Designed to be remarkable, the essence of Beneteau lies in its ability to create vessels that leave a lasting impression.

With the use of high-end materials, a meticulous team of craftsmen in the cabinetmaking workshop, and the robotic technology used to maintain consistency, backed by skilled personnel to manage the process, Beneteau continues to produce an innovative and reliable boat.

This is precisely why The Yacht Collective syndicate entrusts Beneteau as its preferred choice for the syndicate fleet.

Aligning with Beneteau...

means investing in a brand that has cultivated a global reputation for its boat construction. Their meticulous build process, refined over years of experience, and the commitment to making improvements ensure that every vessel meets the highest standards of craftsmanship giving you peace of mind.

If you are new to the idea of syndication, see the TYC ‘How It Works’ page and find out for yourself why syndication with a fleet of Beneteau boats is a great option for you!