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Syndicate owners Malcolm and Alex talk about taking their meeting from the city to the water!

Post meeting swims are all part of the working day for GT40 shareholders Malcolm and Alex Allan.

The Yacht Collective syndicate owners have been known to host meetings from aboard the brand new Beneteau where they can network and ‘talk shop’ with the sound of water lapping at their feet.

Malcolm says the practical layout makes for a perfect work space, as the generous cockpit “easily seats half a dozen people for a board room meeting”. 

Better still, you only have to motor for 20 minutes and you’re a world away from Auckland’s CBD. 

“It’s so easy with the syndicate arrangement. You can just pack some drinks and snacks, walk on and head up the harbour to Islington Bay, where we can talk work, have a quick swim, and be back in the city in no time. The fact that there’s no boat preparation or cleaning required makes it a very time-efficient option to use as a work space,” Malcom explains. 

This comes in addition to enjoying the boat for long weekends away, and sharing the experience with friends. 

“There’s two big cabins and a great set up with indoor outdoor flow, so it really can cater for a variety of uses,” he continues.

It’s like walking into a hotel. You don’t get that experience when you own your own boat. Everything is ready.

As long-time boaties and former fizz-boat owners, Malcolm says the syndicate had instant appeal when they were looking for their next move. 

“We were actually in the market to buy a boat outright. But this opportunity meant we’ve now got a much bigger, newer luxury European boat as opposed to an older second hand boat,” he explains.

For the Allan’s, this arrangement just makes sense, and they are finding more and more ways to benefit from it. 

“It’s like walking into a hotel. You don’t get that experience when you own your own boat. Everything is ready, the cleaning is all taken care of, and the support network is great. The booking system is easy to use and it means you really prioritise those days to make sure you go boating, which is great,” he says. 

Meeting Rooms With a View!

Although Malcom and Alex aren’t new to boating, they say the set up would be perfect for first-time boat owners. 

“It’s just so easy. You’ve just got one line of communication to sort out any questions; there’s no hassling about finding contractors for maintenance or repairs, and it gives you more of a chance to simply enjoy the boat,” he says.  

This Summer they’ve enjoyed seeing numerous parts of the Hauraki Gulf, with Waiheke being one of the highlights. 

Malcolm wraps up his thoughts on syndicate ownership by saying it would be his preferred arrangement regardless of any cost barriers.  

 “Even if I won Lotto we’d still opt for a syndicate share. Perhaps on a bigger boat, and with two shares instead of one – but it would definitely still be a shared arrangement.”

The Yacht Collective offers a syndication program which gives clients the complete package at a fraction of the cost of owning a boat outright. It’s a hassle free lifestyle where all maintenance is taken care of in a professionally managed syndicate, suitable for all levels of boating experience.